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La Bergerie

La Bergerie is an old world, old school, classic French restaurant. The main dining room looked lovely and comfortable with cushy booths and romantic chandeliers. We were sat in a nook off to the side, however, crammed with other tables and brightly lit. From what I could see of the decor from our location, it was old world with brick arches, brocade wall paper, and tapestry chairs. Our server was hurried (due to the rush of restaurant week, perhaps) but knowledgeable and friendly. He selected a wine for us based on our preferences. The wine list was extensive, of course, this being a French restaurant.

I was going to order the escargot, but the server steered me towards the fruits de mer au gratin, saying that we could get the escargot anytime and the fruits de mer was only for this week. The presentation was lovely, using a large sea shell as as bowl. The scallops, shrimp, and mussels were tender and served in a creamy mushroom bechamel sauce and topped with cheese. It was very good, but did taste somewhat like tuna helper - if tuna helper had gone to Henry Higgins and been taught to be more elegant. Jasper had a juicy venison sausage on a bed of perfectly cooked lentils with a red wine sauce.

I was confused and conflicted over my entree. The salmon was perfectly cooked and well flavored, but topped with a bizarre, dry, green patty that tasted somewhat like potatoes and herbs. It was served on top of a creamy polenta with a good texture, but way too much dried herb flavor. To one side there was a smear of some sort of non-flavorful sauce, to the other was a few random green beans which were perfectly cooked but under-seasoned. Jasper's steak au poivre (his favorite dish) was well cooked, but not peppery enough for his tastes and the sauce was not creamy, as it should be. He also had a smattering of well cooked, unseasoned green beans. His "frittes" (french fries) however, were very good - thin and crispy and served with ketchup!

After a disappointing entree, I was floored by dessert. Jasper had a creme brulee and I'm sure it was very good, but I paid no notice because I had heaven in front of me in the form of a souffle. Airy and eggy and fluffy, served with the traditional Grand Marnier (this time mixed into a fantastic whipped cream) - what more could you ever want?!

La Bergerie is for lovers of the traditional. I expect the population most nights to be in the older age range. I would hope that on another, less busy, night that the atmosphere would be very romantic.


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