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2941 (6/100)

A happy week brought us to 2941 to celebrate and relax. If you have never been here before, it can be tricky to find - set behind a wall of trees on the the first floor of an office building. But my-oh-my is it worth the hunt. The location is stunning, first of all, with several koi filled ponds flowing and waterfalling down and around the glass-walled building. The inside of the dining room is no less beautiful, with long strands of glass sculpture hanging like curtains from the lofted ceiling. The mood is very serene and romantic. The cocktail list is innovative and fresh. I ordered something with grapefruit and elderberry - fantastic.

We ordered the 6 course tasting menu with wine parings. I should have taken notes, because I can't remember all of the dishes (which may have something to do with the wine pairings...). Which is not to say that they were not good, they were all wonderful. The dinner blends together in my memory in a mix of culinary joy and romance. The bread that is served is baked in house daily. There was a variety and they were all fresh and yummy. Our first course was a duo of canapes - two perfect bites. Beef tartare on brioche with quail egg was rich and delicious. Smoked salmon topped with popcorn (yes, popcorn) was equally good. This was followed by a perfectly cooked scallop. Our fish course was paired with a creamy souffle of masa harina (native American corn) that I couldn't get enough of. Before desert, we were served a shot of frozen wine. I had the desert presented on the tasting menu - a sour cherry gateau - and Jasper requested something chocolate. Neither of us was disappointed.

The tasting menu changes daily, so don't expect to see what is on the website, or what you had last week, or yesterday. But do expect it to be fun, fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented. (And ask for a copy of the menu if you want to remember what you had - doh!)


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