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Chef Geoff’s…

... is sliding a bit 🙁 I was really disappointed by our last visit.
I decided to deviate from my usual favorites - which was my first mistake, I suppose. I ordered the hoisin duck crepes, which ended up being too spicy for me to eat. Jasper ordered the clam chowder - which he enjoyed, but I thought was waaaaay too salty, to the point of being inedible. I had been wanting to try the goat cheese agnolotti for awhile. It was alright, but I found myself wanting more of a citrus flavor in the butter sauce. I was also confused by the zucchini in the dish - it was in awkward little rounds that should have either been cooked much longer or much less - the in-between texture was disconcerting, and the flavor did not mesh with the agnolotti at all! It was the only bad meal I have ever had at CG's, and it was very frustrating 🙁

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  1. Well, the new seasonal menu is in and I have to say I like it much better. The pizza I had with thinly sliced potatoes, caramelized red onions, bacon, and a crema drizzle was fantastic. I look forward to trying the new agnolotti – a butternut squash version this time.

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