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2941 revisited (6/100, 2010)

I love going to 2941, it is always amazing. This time, the beautiful ponds and waterfalls were frozen, making them even more interesting and lovely. We ordered the 6 course tasting menu (which I highly recommend). I remembered to take notes this time, so that I could remember the exact dishes!

The canapes were a caramelized scallop with caviar and egg foam; and a duck and foie gras terrine with pistachio, topped with pickled carrot, and sour dough bread. The scallop was gorgeous and I loved the egg foam. I normally don't like terrines (gasp, I know), and I definitely prefer my foie gras in whole form - but I actually liked this terrine, and the pickled carrot was the perfect contrasting addition. Next we had a "duo of lobster" - lobster tartar topped w/ butter poached lobster, radish, and squid ink brioche; and lobster bisque with a fennel marshmallow. The tartar was creamy, with a good flavor. It didn't need the extra poached lobster, but who is going to argue with extra lobster? The squid ink brioche was really interesting, with a deep savory flavor. The bisque was excellent, and I was very excited at the idea of a fennel marshmallow. However, while the texture was lovely and it melted into the soup beautifully, I could taste no fennel flavor. Next we had a raviolini with cheese fondue, chestnuts, shaved cauliflower, and shaved truffles. The shaved cauliflower was really interesting, it looked extraordinarily unusual, and had a wonderful texture. After that, we had grilled hamachi paired with pork belly with sunchoke and a paprika ju. We asked for the addition of a foie gras course, because it kills us to not have foie gras when we see that it is available on the menu. It came paired with duck confit, spinach, a condensed milk brioche, and pomegranate reduction. Then came the filet mignon with an oxtail crust, pepper sauce, trumpet mushrooms, and crispy kale. I loved the crispy kale, I would eat that in massive quantities like potato chips. The steak was tender and lovely, but I did not like the flavor of the oxtail - too gamey for my taste. The pallet cleanser was a grapefruit sorbet with anise tuille and rosewater panna cotta. It was lovely and delicate. Lastly, dessert was a caramelized banana with a graham cracker tuille, anise semifreddo, and vanilla creme. I loved the flavor of the anise semifreddo, now I must quest for anise gelato of some sort.


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