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While picking up my CSA crate at Whole Foods - I noticed that they had a new product at the cheese counter - Burrata cheese. Burrata is a fantastic variation of fresh mozzarella that is stuffed with cream, making it much softer. I knew that I must have some so I snatched it up.

I also found a lovely assortment of cherry tomatoes, which I cut in half and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil.

Then I topped them with sea salt and fresh basil.

I purchased some fresh bread which I sliced, brushed with olive oil, and toasted in the oven.

I topped the cheese and bread with the tomato salad, and drizzled everything with balsamic vinegar. Spreading the soft cheese onto the bread was sort of luxurious; and the tart pop of the tomatoes, sweet tang of the vinegar, and freshness of the basil were the perfect accompaniments.

I still had some of the tomato salad left over after the bread and cheese were gone. So I threw it into the blender with some garlic to make a fresh pasta sauce.

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