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Ariana, Bend OR

We went to two Italian restaurants while we were in Bend for Thanksgiving. One of them was, unfortunately, pretty disappointing. But the other, Ariana, was fantastic!

The restaurant is inside what looks like an old house, so the dining room is small but cozy. The service was great, and the waiter liked Jasper's request for Champagne with St Germain so much that he said he was going to add it to the cocktail menu.

We were so excited about our appetizers that I didn't get a chance to take pictures! We ordered beef carpaccio with truffle oil and burrata with tomatoes; both were fantastic.

I ordered a decadent gnocchi carbonara, complete with a soft egg on top.

Jasper ordered the house made papardelle with braised pork shoulder with fresh ricotta cheese.

My in-laws had the diver scallops with lobster risotto...

...and the filet mignon with brandy peppercorn sauce and a bacon and chive stuffed potato.

My dessert, the "buttered caramel budino", was absolutely fantastic! It was a creamy caramel and sea salt pudding that tasted a bit like butterscotch, topped with chocolate.

Also at the table was a flourless chocolate Sachertorte with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce...

... and a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis.

The house made sorbets - mango, peach, and strawberry - were packed with flavor.

This is definitely one to check out if you are ever in Bend.

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