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Hard “Boiled” (Baked) Eggs

I discovered this method of hard cooking eggs (attributed to Alton Brown) via Pinterest and Greetings from the Asylum.  The concept is that baking them instead of boiling them is more consistent and results in less gray, less smelly, more creamy eggs.

As you can see, the eggs will sit perfectly on most oven racks and it doesn't matter how clean the rack is, because you will be peeling the eggs.  Bake them at 325 for 30 minutes.

As soon as you take them out (with tongs), plunge them into ice water to stop the cooking (and prevent that grey ring around the yolk that happens when they cool too slowly).

Peel the eggs under running water.  You will notice little brown dots where the egg touched the oven rack - they don't affect flavor.

It works!  Look at that beautiful egg!  Perfect.  I stored mine in a plastic container in the fridge, topped with a damp paper towel, for a week.

But what to do with these lovely eggs?  I tried out another Pinterest idea - avocado egg salad (no mayo).  One egg, half an avocado, lemon juice, watercress, chives (or scallions), salt and pepper - cut them together (don't mash) until the salad is creamy but still chunky.

You could eat this on toast as a sandwich (or on it's own), but I chose a low-carb sprouted grain tortilla.

A healthy wrap full of protein and healthy fats - this is great to have early in the day (I ate them for breakfast).  You need healthy fats in your diet, but it is better to eat them in the morning or for lunch so that you have more time to process them/ work them off before sleep.

1 wrap: 340 cal, 22 g fat, 27.5 g carb, 2.5 g sugar

Credit to Honey What's Cooking for salad recipe and Never Homemaker for wrap idea.

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  1. This looks great! I think I am going to bake some chicken to add to it, although it doesnt seem like it needs more protein.

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