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Valentine’s 2013 Pt 1

Yes, yes - I know I am way late in posting this, sorry.  This year for V-Day we went to Sushi Taro for their special tasting menu.  It's what we did for our first Valentine's together in DC 3 years ago and I wanted to go back.  I loved the whole meal, but Jasper was a little disappointed.  I think he wanted more sushi, but I liked the combination of hot dishes and raw fish.  Anyway, here's what we had:


Taro's signature tofu with uni.  I love this stuff, it has the best texture.  I always look forward to this dish at Taro.


This was a mixture of different raw and pickled vegetables with some gelees and monkfish liver.  I thought it was playful and interesting; I think this is one of the ones Jasper was disappointed with.


Various tempura fried vegetables like lotus and okra, with fish cake.  Again - I really liked this but Jasper wasn't blown away.


The sashimi course - fatty tuna, yellowtail, and albacore I think.  This was excellent, of course.


The broth for the sukiyaki with cabbage and onion.  I love this stuff!


The raw beef for the sukiyaki - you dip it into the hot broth to cook.  We paid extra to upgrade to kobe beef - just look at that marbling!  I love how interactive this is, but I wish they served it like they did 3 years ago with rice and a raw egg.


Very thin raw lobster, like a carpaccio, with poached lobster on top.


Sushi Course 1 - salmon, snapper (?), and mackerel (?).


Sushi Course 2 - fatty tuna (?), salmon row, and eel.


Yummy dessert from Locolat.

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