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I've written about 2941 before (here and here), but not since they revamped their restaurant to be a little more casual and less intimidating.  We had been checking their ever changing menu online, but nothing really caught our eye until recently.  Then, all of a sudden, the whole menu matched what we were craving and off we went!  Be aware that this menu is from a few months ago.


Steak tartare with basil, Parmesan, toasted bread, and micro greens.  This is really a 1 per person size, and trust me - you won't want to share.


Zucchini fritters with a feta and mint dip; salmon carpaccio.


Beet salad (sorry for the fuzzy photo - somebody was impatient to eat it).


Tuna tartare with avocado, crispy shallots, and jalapeno.  I was actually I little disappointed because the avocado was more like guacamole, which wasn't what I was looking for.  But by no means was it bad.


Asparagus ravioli with white asparagus, mint, thyme, burrata, and Parmesan.


Duck confit ravioli with tomato jam and fiddlehead ferns.


Yummy steak fritte dish.


Strawberry shortcake with coconut, shredded phyllo, and white tea ice cream.

Overall, everything was as fresh and beautiful as it's always been and the more relaxed atmosphere was refreshing.  I don't think the remarketing has done any damage to 2941 and I hope it helps to bring in more people.

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