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Sushi Prince, Fairfax VA

Ah, the ever-continuing quest to find good sushi in VA.  The menu for Sushi Prince had such unique stuff on it that I had to try it out.  A few good items, but mostly this was a disappointment - not worth a return trip.


This is the item on the menu that really caught my eye - the Viagra Shooter.  Sea urchin, salmon roe, and raw quail egg in ponzu and sake.  What?!  It was really good, but impossible to actually shoot.  I had to get my chopsticks in there and pull out the uni, then shoot it.  Super fun, though.


Another super weird combination - Monkey Fingers.  These are bananas wrapped in basil, then beef, then fried and topped with a creamy sauce.  It does actually work, somehow, but not perfectly.  Very interesting, but I don't know that I would order it again.


This was probably my favorite dish - big chunks of white tuna with avocado and nuta (sweet miso sauce).  The tuna was fresh and I liked the thick, sweet sauce with the avocado.


BBQ eel bowl with rice, avocado, and tamago.  This was pretty good (it's hard to mess up unagi), but the tamago was AWFUL - you can tell just by looking at it.


One of their creative rolls - a BLT made with shrimp tempura, asparagus, bacon, and tomato with balsamic glaze.  Cool idea but it didn't really work - the bacon wasn't cooked enough and it was too big of a bite.


Another creative roll that fell flat.  The carbonara roll has scallop and shrimp with tamago, bacon, asparagus, and creamy masago with balsamic glaze and pesto.  The flavors didn't really come together, it just didn't work.


We did order some normal sushi, it was pretty "meh".


The kushi yaki was alright.

All in all this was pretty disappointing and below average, I wouldn't recommend it.

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