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Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

As promised in my last post, today we are talking about Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie.  Oh yeah, baby.  I have a bonafide obsession with fruit and sour cream pies.  That tang to balance out sweetness, and the creaminess - yum.

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

Just a few ingredients are all that is required - flour, sugar, sour cream, and an egg for the custard; and chopped rhubarb.

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

We already talked about crust this week, so you know that is going to be good.  I like the idea of a crumble topping with this, especially to add sweetness since rhubarb is so tart.

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

I actually made this pie twice, since it was far too runny the first time (pictured).  I adjusted the recipe to use the proportions in this strawberry pie recipe and it came out much better.  My adjustments are in the recipe below.

Well Dined | Strawberry Sour Cream Pie

Here is a photo of that pie, so that you can see the texture difference in the custard.

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

Topped with streusel and ready to bake!

Well Dined | Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

It is still a little runny, but much better, and sooooooo yummy.  My husband thought I was crazy for putting sour cream in a pie.  He refused to try all the previous sour cream pies, and hasn't liked anything with rhubarb I've ever made.  But I forced him to try a bite of my piece and he took it away, ate the rest of it, then got another slice - I was shocked!

Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie
adapted from Closet Kitchen

1 pie crust
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup sour cream, full fat
1 cup all-purpose flour
4 cups rhubarb, cut into 1/2 inch slices
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted

On a floured surface, and sprinkling with flour as necessary, roll disk of dough out to around 2 inches larger than your pie plate and transfer it, situating it in the plate.  Trim to 1 inch, then fold the excess dough around the edges and crimp.

Mix the granulated sugar, sour cream, and 1 cup of flour until smooth.  Fold in the rhubarb; pour the mixture into the pie crust.

Mix the 1/2 cup flour, brown sugar, and melted butter until crumbly.  Sprinkle the crumbs over the pie.

Bake in a preheated 350 deg F oven until the edges have puffed, about 45-60 minutes.

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