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Well Dined | Sweetgreen

I have an obsession... with a salad shop.  This must be what being an adult feels like.  I never used to like salads AT ALL, and then I tried Sweetgreen and now a salad is my treat to myself after working out.  Not like, "oh don't wanna ruin that workout, so here's a salad;" but like "good job, now you GET to eat this salad."  Weiiiiiiiiird.  Who am I?

Well Dined | Sweetgreen

Anywho, Sweetgreen is awesome.  It's like any fast food joint (Chipotle, Subway, etc...) where you travel down the line and build your meal, in this case - a yummy salad made with local ingredients (check the blackboard to see which vendors they use).

Well Dined | Sweetgreen

They have a number of pre-designed salads (my favorite is the District Cobb) and one seasonal salad per month (above photo is the May 2014 salad), or you can go custom.  You can also customize a menu salad.  For example, I like to get the District Cobb but swap sweet potatoes in for tomatoes and change the dressing to balsamic vinaigrette (which is super good).  You get to choose how much dressing you want (light, medium, heavy) and also if you want bread (the bread is really good, but I try to resist).

Well Dined | Sweetgreen

They also have some grain bowl options like quinoa and wild rice, and a seasonal soup.  Plus they are vegetarian and vegan friendly and have beans and falafel as protein options.  Now, these are big entree salads - so they are going to run you 400-700 calories and $10-15.  Just so you know.

Well Dined | Sweetgreen

Bonus - they also have frozen yogurt.  Real, tangy frozen yogurt.  This was a seasonal topping combo called "Strawberry Cheesecake" that included goat cheese, and it was AWESOME.  I highly recommend putting goat cheese on your frozen yogurt (you can ask for it from the salad bar year round).

Oh yeah, and they throw a big music festival every year called Sweetlife.  Whaaaaa?  Awesome.

Get thee to a Sweetgreen!

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