Well Dined


Cherry Amaretto Jam

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

Earlier this week, I posted about homemade Seeded Peasant Bread.  Well, what goes better with homemade bread than homemade jam?  This jam, made with Rainier cherries and Amaretto, is the perfect compliment.

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

Rainier cherries are so beautifully colored, I just love them.  Start by pitting and chopping (I was lazy and just quartered mine, and the chunks were a bit too large).

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

Combine with sugar, bring to a boil, and cook down for a bit.

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

Then add more sugar and pectin and return to a boil.  Once it has reached a second boil, add in lemon juice and amaretto and cool.

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

Once it is cool enough, transfer it to airtight containers (or you can process it in jars if that's your thing).

Well Dined | Cherry Amaretto Jam

I send one container straight to the fridge, and the others to the freezer.  If your jam ends up a little loose (it happens), it makes a really delicious sauce for ice cream or yogurt.

Cherry Amaretto Jam
adapted from Fox News

2 cup Rainier cherries
1/3 cup sugar for first cooking
1/3 cup sugar for second cooking
1 1/2 tsp pectin
1 tbsp amaretto
3 tbsp lemon juice

Pit cherries; slice in half to make sure no pits are left behind, then roughly chop.

Put cherries and first batch of sugar into a wide sauce pan and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and cook until 1/3 of the liquid has cooked out.

Whisk together second batch of sugar and pectin, stir into cherries.  Return to a boil, then add lemon juice and liquor.  Remove from heat and cool, then chill.

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