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SRC – Peeps Marshmallow Cookies from Burnt Apple

Well Dined | Peeps Marshmallow Cookies

There is an extra Monday in February this year, so you get and extra Secret Recipe Club Post!  Extra posts are themed and the theme for this one was Easter or St Patrick's Day.  I went for Easter with these Peeps Marshmallow Stuffed Cookies from Burnt Apple.

The author has 3 picky children and a husband with Type 1 diabetes, so she has a lot to deal with, plus she focuses on healthy cooking on top of that - wow!  She has shared her recipes with Whole Foods and on TV, which is a huge deal.  Of course, I picked one of the very few not healthy recipes on her blog, but I just couldn't help myself.

Well Dined | Peeps Marshmallow Cookies

First off, you will need Peeps bunnies.  The recipe stated not to use chicks and, while I'm not sure why, I didn't want to risk it.  So bunnies it was!  Of course, they aren't in stores yet, but I was able to order them on Amazon.


Doubletree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well Dined | Doubletree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I asked Melissa (Smells Like Brownies) to help me become a better baker, I specifically asked to do these cookies.  If you have ever stayed at a Doubletree Hotel, then you know the joy of being handed one of these giant cookies when you check in.  It's probably one of the most searched for cookie recipes, and it has some secret ingredients that I wouldn't have guessed.

Well Dined | Doubletree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, let's get started!  The first step is to mix the dry ingredients, which include finely ground dry oats.  This is one of the secret ingredients that makes these cookies so good - it makes the texture so lovely.  There's also a bit of cinnamon in there, yum.

Next, cream butter with both granulated and brown sugar, vanilla, and the next secret ingredient - lemon juice.  I would never have guessed to use lemon juice in a chocolate chip cookie, but it keeps them tender.

Well Dined | Doubletree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mix the dry into the wet, then stir in chocolate chips and toasted chopped walnuts.  The original recipe didn't call for toasting the walnuts, but I think it makes the texture nicer and brings out the nutty flavor.