Well Dined


Spring Vegetable and Tortellini Salad

Well Dined | Spring Vegetable and Tortellini Salad

Happy Easter!  It has been a long, crazy winter.  We had just a hint of spring before a cold snap hit again, but it looks like we are on our way back and hopefully it will last this time!


I took advantage of the nice weather to plant my container herb garden.  I've got chives, French thyme, English thyme, lemon thyme, and oregano thyme in one pot.  The big one has common sage, purple sage, rosemary, spearmint, tarragon, Greek and Italian oregano, and dill.  And the last one has sweet basil, thai basil, amethyst basil, lemon basil, and parsley.


I also cleared out and cleaned up my tiny backyard, and while I was removing dead leaves, I accidentally uncovered a nest full of baby rabbits!  I was totally shocked and didn't know what to do.  I yelled for my husband to bring me a box to put them in while I hit the internet for advice.  Leave them alone and put them back was the unanimous decision.  Mama rabbits only visit the babies 2 times a day to feed very quickly (1-2 minutes) so that predators won't know where they are.  So baby rabbits have not been abandoned and they don't need to be rescued (unless injured by lawnmower, dog, cat, etc...).  In fact, trying to take care of them yourself will likely kill them!


Cheesy Brown Butter Grits with Ramps and Fiddleheads


It's another vegetarian lunch brought to you by Sarah and Melissa!  Unfortunately I am posting this a bit late and you probably can't get some of the ingredients anymore, sorry!  There's always next year.  There are a lot of delicious components in this dish - Gruyere, brown butter, delicate ramps, and the very weird but very cool fiddlehead ferns.


These guys are kinda funky looking, huh?  They have a short season in Spring and taste a lot like asparagus.  You need to wash them well when you get them, and it can be a little tricky to tell what is dirt and what is their little gripper feet - so I recommend soaking them in a bowl of cold water then rinsing them off one at a time.  Time consuming, but worth it.


Another short season, Spring item - ramps.  Most commonly found in Appalachia, these little guys are a wild onion variety that have a pronounced garlic flavor.  And they are just so pretty, too!