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Try The World – Paris

Well Dined | Try The World - Paris

Try The World is an international food subscription service that I have written about before (first post here).  The first box that I received was Marrakesh (post here), and it was awesome.  The second box I received was Paris, France.  The items included were: La Mere Poulard sables (butter cookies), Maison D'Armorine salted butter caramels, Domaine Des Vignes whole grain mustard, Le Palais Des Thes fine teas, Le Saunier De Camargue fleur de sel, Maison Peltier artisanal honey, and Charles Antona fig jam.

Well Dined | Try The World - Paris

Unlike the Marrakesh box, these items were less suited to a single recipe, but they were some of my favorite items that I've received so far.  The honey and fig jam went on to many a cheese plate, the mustard and sea salt went on to everything, and the cookies and caramels were gone the first day because they were ridiculously good.  For more information on the Paris box, click here.

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