Well Dined


Rainbow Cauliflower Bowl

Well Dined | Rainbow Cauliflower Bowl

Oh my gosh, this cauliflower bowl is so gorgeous, and filling, and satisfying, and yummy, and healthy, and low carb, and all the things.  It has a lot of different components, but they come together to make such a lovely whole.  Another successful vegetarian lunch with Melissa from Smells Like Brownies.

Well Dined | Rainbow Cauliflower Bowl

Start by making your cauliflower "rice" (actually, start by pickling some chard stems, which was done by Melissa before I arrived).  Place raw cauliflower into a food processor and pulse until chopped to the size of rice (a few larger pieces are fine) - 1/2 a large head will make 3-4 cups.  Cover tightly with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes, just to soften.

Well Dined | Rainbow Cauliflower Bowl

Next, heat some coconut oil in a pan and add turmeric, cumin, a pinch of cayenne, and some fresh pressed garlic.  Cook for a bit to activate the spices, then add the cauliflower and stir to combine and heat through.  But don't leave it on for too long - you want the cauliflower to have texture!  Make sure to season with salt and pepper.


Salt Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

I LOVE roasted beets - sweet and rich and beautiful, like healthy edible jewels! One of my favorite ways to serve them is in a salad with watercress and fresh mozzarella.  But I have made that so many times that I wanted to try something a little different.  This version uses goat cheese, a slightly more complex dressing, and a different method of roasting.

Usually I just wrap the beets in foil and roast them.  This method involves first placing the beets on a bed of salt and herbs.  It imparts just a little bit more flavor to the beets.


Hard “Boiled” (Baked) Eggs

I discovered this method of hard cooking eggs (attributed to Alton Brown) via Pinterest and Greetings from the Asylum.  The concept is that baking them instead of boiling them is more consistent and results in less gray, less smelly, more creamy eggs.

As you can see, the eggs will sit perfectly on most oven racks and it doesn't matter how clean the rack is, because you will be peeling the eggs.  Bake them at 325 for 30 minutes.

As soon as you take them out (with tongs), plunge them into ice water to stop the cooking (and prevent that grey ring around the yolk that happens when they cool too slowly).


Shaved Market Vegetable Salad

I was so inspired by this shaved vegetable salad at Simon in Las Vegas that the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was to make my own version.

So I went and bought the vegetables I wanted to use - carrots, celery, beets, fennel, and asparagus.

Then I sliced them up using the slicing blade on my food processor (a mandoline would also work) and tossed them with high quality olive oil, lime juice, and sea salt.

I actually stored the vegetables like that in the fridge and throughout the week or so that they lasted I would take out what I needed and add it to raw kale massaged with olive oil (which takes some of the bitterness out) along with watercress, grapes, pepitas, and fresh mozzarella for a delicious summer salad.

It is so healthy and fresh and keeping the vegetables raw means that you are getting the full nutritional value from them, plus they keep you super full.  But this seriously tastes so good that you will not even be thinking about how healthy it is.