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It's been a year since I started this blog, so I thought I should do a little update. In case people are wondering - why do all your posts have weird numbers in parenthesis? Is that a grading system? The numbers are the rank the restaurant was given in the Washingtonian Magazine's Top 100 Best Restaurant List (1/100, 50/100, etc..). Since the list comes out each year, I have started adding the year to the rating number (3/100, 2011). If the restaurant has no rating next to it, it's because it wasn't on the list! I hope that clears that up.

I've started adding some recipes to the blog in addition to restaurant reviews, since I do a lot of cooking. I hope that people find this useful and that it opens up the blog to people who do not live in the DC area. I will try to post recipes and tips from the technique classes that I teach at Williams Sonoma as well. Something I really want to incorporate to the recipe posts are pictures of the food, but whenever I try to take them, they don't turn out the way I want. Maybe I should take a food photography class, so that I can post beautiful pictures like my favorite blog: http://smittenkitchen.com.

See that link above here ^ ? See how you can click on it and it works? My hubby taught me how to do that and I am very grateful. I have gone back and fixed all my links, and I apologize for any frustration that lack of working links may have caused in the past.

That is all for now - I am off to make a fantastic (I hope) romantic dinner for two. Perhaps I shall tell you about it later šŸ˜€

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