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Pizzeria Orso

Neapolitan style pizza is my favorite kind of pizza, but it is sometimes difficult to find. Pizzeria Paradiso was my go-to place in DC, but it is a 40 minute trip for me, and I needed to find something closer. I read about the opening of a Neapolitan pizzeria in Falls Church but never managed to make it over there, until recently. Thank goodness I did! Because Pizzeria Orso is every bit as delicious as Paradiso and much, much closer.

I tried the Margherita DOC (more information on DOC), and it took me right back to Italy - thin, tender crust that was perfectly charred and puffy at the edges; fresh, flavorful tomato; creamy fresh mozzarella; fresh basil; and olive oil. I also tried a seasonal pizza, the Molla, with ricotta, garlic, ramps, and an egg. The ricotta was creamy and sweetened by the garlic, the ramps were mild and a little charred, and the egg had a perfectly runny and oozing yolk. It was a perfect spring pizza.

The menu also features antipasti. I tried the arancini - crispy spheres of risotto with a mild tomato flavor. They were fun to munch on, but nothing special - I preferred the calamari, which were very tender, coated in a light batter, and served with a basil aioli that I found slightly addictive. The desserts are classic Italian - gelato, tiramisu, cannoli. I tried a seasonal special - polenta cake flavored with rosemary, filled with mascarpone, and served with blackberries and an orange mascarpone creamy - sunny and delicious, like summer.


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