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Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck

I have been dying to try out the lobster rolls from this famous DC food truck from the moment I first heard about them.  Red Hook serves two different styles of lobster rolls: the Connecticut (shown on top) is poached in butter and served warm; the Maine (shown on bottom) is served cold in a light lemon mayonnaise sauce (so light that you can barely even see/taste the mayo).  They are both really, really good.  The Maine allows the more subtle flavors of lobster to show through but the bread becomes extraneous, whereas on the Connecticut the butter soaked bread is incredibly delicious.  I recommend getting one of each, but if you can only get one - I would go with the Connecticut.

The rolls cost $15 each - which may seem like a lot, but the thing is all lobster.  I mean - just look at that chunk of claw meat there!  This is definitely a food truck worth stalking.

Other stars on the menu include Maine Root Sodas and locally made whoopie pies.  They also offer mail-order kits to make your own lobster rolls and you can hire the truck to cater parties!

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  1. Oh man, you’re making me miss New Hampshire. I’ve never heard of a Connecticut-style roll, and I’m pretty sure I will have to continue they don’t exist in order to honor my state (and it’s neighbor) properly, but it certainly sounds interesting. I’m Maine style all the way though.

  2. Ok, don’t know why I couldn’t make a proper sentence above… “continue to pretend they don’t exist”

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